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Conversations are behind the biggest business results. Conversations help form the best business relationships. Everything starts with conversations. Telemarketing trainer and all round telephone marketing expert Wendy Harris is “Making Conversations Count” each week on her award-nominated podcast (2022 British Podcast Awards 'Bullseye' nominee!) Wendy’s helping you benefit from honest, relatable conversations with business leaders and entrepreneurs. The idea behind the "Making Conversations Count" podcast is that when they share their conversations that became the turning point for them, it’ll help and inspire YOU! Wendy has passion for everything to do with conversations and understands the value of sharing these podcast conversations, with a goal of encouraging YOU to build your own valuable relationships. Listen now, and one of these conversations could just change your life. Your host, Wendy Harris is founder of WAG Associates, who has become an expert in her field of opening conversations in business and is the best selling author of "Making Conversations Count", available at Amazon! Google “Making Conversations Count” to learn more about this podcast, and about what Wendy does to teach people the art of conversations with her business WAG Associates. Feel free to reach out on all the social media platforms via
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