E108: Farmers Cope with Forever Chemicals | Field Posts - Podcast on Goodpods
<p>Since the now infamous occurrence of a class of compounds described as forever chemicals on a West Virginia farm years ago led to devastating consequences for animals and humans alike, EPA, state regulators, and scientists have been detecting PFAS across the country, in soil, water, and even human blood. <br>High concentrations of PFAS in some areas have led authorities to prohibit farmers in multiple states from selling their goods, from dairy and meat from exposed cattle to produce. DTN AG Policy Editor Chris Clayton has been keeping an eye on the evolving story around these PFAS cases in agriculture, and specifically on the policy response from USDA, EPA, and state and federal lawmakers. <br>He joins us today to unpack his latest reporting on the topic, to shed some light on why there’s so little information available on what the future might hold, and to flag what he’ll be watching as multiple cases in different states move forward<br></p>
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