Starlog 2_47 | Andor is the Best Star Wars in 40 Years | Space Castle - Podcast on Goodpods
<p>The first season of Star Wars: Andor has come to a close on Disney Plus, and if the title isn't enough indication, D.T. loved it and thinks its the most important Star Wars thing to be released in decades. Listen now to find out why!</p> <p>What did YOU think of Andor? Tell us @spacecastlepod on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, or email at!</p> <p>Join the madness on the Space Castle <a href="">Discord</a>! Become part of the crew by joining the <a href="">Patreon</a>!</p> <p>Theme song "Deez Notes" by D.T. Carel and Brian Lovett.</p>
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